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    Back in the eighties The Cosby Show was America's number one sitcom. Millions of people watched the daily life of The Huxtables, an upper class African American family from Brooklyn. For Bill Cosby it was his big break. After a producer saw Cosby perform as a stand up comedian on the Tonight Show he called his screenwriters and they developed a series around Cliff Huxtable. Successful, happily married, raising five children and struggling with the same issues every working parent does. And although the show was mainly known for it's comedy it sometimes dealt with some serious issues like learning disabilities, teenage pregnancy, death etc.

    The show didn't only have fans, there were some critics too. They raised the question why the show portrayed it to be normal to have a doctor as the head of the household, a lawyer as a matriarch, a big family and always time and energy to listen to each other, to cook, to eat together, to play a game etc. It really wasn't normal life for a lot of people. And not only that, the show never discussed racism. Like it didn't even exist anymore in the eighties, but for a lot of African American families, it did exist. And still does.

    My favorite episode is the one with the Muppets. Cliff is having a bad dream :)


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