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    A wonderful thing happened in the late eighties: life started to go online! And people often say that the internet never forgets. But did you know that some websites just close down and that all data you put in, gets lost?

    There is a group of volunteers that have been backing up websites just before they got removed: the Archive Team. Jason 'loudmouth' Scott Sadofsky is founder, historian and mascot of the Archive Team. Since 2009 he and his group of volunteers are making an effort to save your data. Hundreds of websites who tried to collect as much information from people as possible, like Yahoo, Flickr, Hyves and GeoCities and then give you a thirty day notice to quickly download your stuff or else it gets lost are now saved by the group. People, like myself, posted numerous pictures and years of information you want to remember on one of these websites and I didn't have the knowledge on how to download this from my page so my data got lost. But, then there is the Archive Team. They saved it!

    Why it is important? Well, so much of our cultural experiences nowadays are online, so it's necessary to prevent it from vanishing. When a website decides to shut down, the Archive Team can help by sending in the Archive Warrior. It's an easy to use gadget that can download your data and after that you can upload it to the Internet Archives. The Internet Archives are like a digital library offering free access to books, movies and music and about 426 billion archived web pages. Because of privacy reasons, the Archive Team can only copy web pages that are publicly available.

    There are a lot of people worldwide helping the Archive Team, by downloading websites and data or lending bandwidth or disk space. Sometimes hundreds of volunteers work on preserving our data.
    There are downsides of course. If the Archive Team decides to save data from a particular website and your profile or data is public, you have no say in it being preserved. But privacy experts see no concern in the work of the Archive Team. The common response is gratitude, that years of information is being kept and that people have access to their material which they anticipated to be available indefinitely anyways.

    Here's a tip: I'm a Facebook user. It is unthinkable now, but what if Facebook decided to close down? Years of pictures, memories, chat conversations, messages, replies from my friends on my page would get lost. I want that data to be kept and here you can find how to do so if you want the same!

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    In Europe it's called NSA, not Archive Team..... ;) ;) ;)

    Thank you Petra for letting us now about those people. :)

    -- Have FUN out there. --
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