Automotive Rallye Monte-Carlo historique - A tribute to history

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    Every year in January Automobile Club de Monaco organizes the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, right after the regular Rallye Monte-Carlo. Icy roads, hairpin bends and the temperament of an old car! And of old drivers in some cases.

    The event is open for every car model that took part in an edition of the regular rally from 1955 till 1980. The reason that the rally is in January is because of a greater chance the roads are slippery due to winter conditions. Who doesn't like a bit of spectacle? In 2015 it will be the 18th time the historic rally is organized and it celebrates the 60th anniversary of the victory with the Sunbeam Talbot MK III. Driver was Per Malling and his co pilot was Gunnar Fadum, both from Norway.

    There are five starting points each year : Glasgow, Copenhagen, Torino, Barcelona and Reims and in every city the race starts by administrative checks and inspection of the cars. After driving throughout Europe for 800 to 2300 kilometers, the so called Concentration Route, all competitors will reunite in Saint-André-les-Alpes where they can rest after a very long drive.

    The very next day the race starts. There are three averages: low, intermediary and high speed, to keep it fair. The selection committee decides in which class you start and after that it's three days of rallying. It's not an easy ride. The roads are slippery and if they aren't you can lean on spectators to throw some snow on the track (yes, that actually happens!) And the tracks are very narrow too. In the end it is more a test of endurance over speed, with more focus on getting to the end in one piece than winning. You achieve victory by keeping as close to an average speed as you can. This is set by the organisation. If you finish a stage too early or too late you will lose points.

    There never is a lack of participants for this legendary race even though registering and joining is rather expensive. About 300 register for the race each year, from 30 different countries. And some really rare cars make the entry list, like a Gaz Volga and a Moskvich.

    One of the highlights of the rally is the Col de Turini. In this video you can see onboard driving the Col de Turini in a Lancia Fulvia. Just to give you an idea on what rallying is all about.

    Anyone wants to enter the 2015 edition?

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] 24 Minutes of pure OLDskoolFUN [​IMG] [​IMG]

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