Automotive Rétromobile, 4-8 February 2015

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    Enthusiasts, dealers and collectors from all over the world will be gathered at the Rétromobile in Paris in 2015. Over 80,000 people with a passion for vintage cars will visit the event that will be held for the 40th time. Since the beginning it's main focus is on displaying collectors' cars and there will be 44,000 square meters available at Porte de Versailles to do just that.

    The highlight of the event is probably the auction at the end of the show. As if it were haute couture on a runway, cars are displayed and auctioned of in a parade that contains the most exclusive cars in the world. If you have money to spare, in the auction of 2014 a 1953 Ferrari 166 MM/53 barquette Oblin was sold for € 2,685,422.

    More info about the event here

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