TV MacGyver TV series (1985 - 1992)

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    When it comes to finding a way out of a sticky situation, then MacGyver is your man! He can make a bomb out of a glass of water, a paperclip and a piece of gum. So to speak.

    The MacGyver series showed us a whole new type of special agent. He had no gun, just his Swiss army knife and some simple solutions to huge problems and that made the show unique and original. Angus 'Mac' MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson, was part Indiana Jones, part Sherlock Holmes. A natural genius who used his knowledge to take out the bad guys with everyday objects. Thanks to this show people believed anything is possible with duct tape. He was a hero who never considered himself being a hero, he would lend a hand to anyone in need, treated woman with respect, was funny and he hated guns (a friend of his died in a gun accident when he was a child).

    MacGyver was a special agent for the Phoenix Foundation, an organization led by Pete Thornton (played by Dana Elcar). It was probably a front of a CIA office, but that was never determined in the show. He travelled all over the world helping people out of sticky situations. He had a lot of old friends and (ex-)girlfriends who needed his help too. As the show went on, he was increasingly helping old friends out of trouble.

    MacGyver ran for 7 seasons, 139 episodes.


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