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    Not many of you may know this, but 'Let it be' isn't only the title of the famous song by the Beatles, it's also the title of the documentary the Beatles made in 1970 to let the audience be 'a fly on the wall' during rehearsals and recordings for their new album.

    Little did they know, it was their last album. Originally planned as a television documentary with a concert broadcast at the end, it soon became a feature film as plans for the broadcast were dropped. The Beatles made the film to go back to their roots, the beginning of their success, but it eventually led tot their break up around April 1970.

    The movie was filmed in 1969 and it shows them getting on each others nerves and arguing, but it's not all conflict. You see some amazing talent and them going back to the early sixties with songs like Besame Mucho and the all time classic Get Back.

    Highlight of the film is their rooftop concert on the Apple building. The Beatlesound attracted hundreds of fans, blocking traffic down below. It was their final live performance.

    The movie won an Oscar for best soundtrack in 1970. They weren't there to pick up their prize...

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